Wednesday :: Mar 7, 2007

It's Time For Some "Accountability Moments"

by Steve

Thanks to the Libby verdict yesterday, the revelations from the hearings on the fired federal prosecutors went under the radar screen, when in fact it could be argued that this was a more important story for the remainder of the Bush Administration than the impact of the Libby verdict. The former prosecutors told Congress yesterday that they were contacted and leaned on by either Justice officials or Republican officeholders, in a clear politicization of the federal attorney system. These efforts went as far back as early last year, an apparent sign that the Bush Administration wanted to stifle any bad news for the GOP from various investigations for the remainder of its term, as well as to turn the prosecutors into partisan hatchet-wielders, which is something that even the Nixon White House didn’t attempt.

Claims by Alberto Gonzales that these firings were simply performance-related, coming from a man who refuses to testify to Congress on the matter, are lies given the written documentation that Dianne Feinstein has on the positive performance of Carol Lam from San Diego from last year. Simply put, given the role that Gonzales has played in numerous legally suspect decisions by this White House, and now this political massacre inside the federal prosecutorial system, it is time for the Senate Judiciary Committee to subpoena Mr. Gonzales to testify under oath about this. Any refusal by him should immediately lead to litigation before the highest court in the land as soon as possible, so that we can see exactly how political this Supreme Court really is. Before they vote for any Republicans in the next election, voters in 2008 need to see the consequences from six years of a Republican stranglehold on all three branches of government.

The White House and its partisans are already seething about the Libby verdict and increasing Democratic oversight, trying to equate the political destruction of a national security and WMD asset with Sandy Berger’s stupid attempt to obtain documents from the National Archives; and are trying to warn Democrats to not go too far with their oversight or else risk looking anti-progress. Note the senseless quotes from Mary Matalin and the empty-headed Nicolle Wallace in this Post story today. Such rage, partisan self-righteousness, and rejection of any oversight by Bush loyalists demands a strong Democratic response, coupled with the aggressive pursuit of a Democratic change agenda. This is not the time for Democrats to shrink from the challenge and the opportunities before them.

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