Wednesday :: Mar 7, 2007

Afternoon Update

by Steve

A day after admitting he saw nothing wrong with leaning on a federal prosecutor for information detrimental to Democrats in his state, New Mexico scumbag GOP Senator Pete Domenici gets a lawyer, who happens to be the same lawyer who represented Duke Cunningham. On this matter, remember that Paul McNulty, the senior Justice official who oversaw the sackings at the request of Abu Gonzales is also the same GOP hack who plea-bargained the Larry Franklin case before Franklin could roll over on Donald Rumsfeld. And I think it is now clear why Harriet Miers resigned.

The next time you hear Joe Lieberman tell us that Congress cannot micromanage a war, remember that he has flip-flopped on this issue.

Henry Waxman is zeroing in on the next scandal to damage the White House: the administration’s use of the General Services Administration as a political tool to benefit Republican candidates.

Bush said he is sorry for Scooter’s family, but doesn’t have the decency to express remorse for blowing up Brewster Jennings. And the White House wants to dampen talk of a pardon for Scooter.

John Edwards gave the finger to Fox News and refuses to participate in a Democratic presidential candidates’ debate that inexplicably has Harry Reid’s support. Good for Edwards. All of the Democratic candidates should tell Fox News to go to hell.

The NYT is wasting no time putting words in Hillary’s mouth.

Look, Rudy Giuliani is a thrice-married loser whose kids don’t seemingly like him. If the NYT wants to start a Whitewater campaign against Obama and force him into defense already, then the Democrats should not be hesitant to remind the media that Rudy uses a marriage license for toilet paper.

Chuck Hagel, who might announce Monday that he’s running, mentions the “I-word” about Bush to Esquire magazine.

Is the McCain campaign imploding already?

I’m not surprised that right wing water carrier Fred Hiatt wrote another factually bankrupt love letter for Scooter today. I am surprised however that Len Downie and Donald Graham let him a day after Hiatt and the Post were made a fool of by a DC jury.

It has been another bad day in Iraq as the US finds itself unable or disinterested in protecting Shiite pilgrims. Yet Bush says the plan is working fine so far.

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