Thursday :: Mar 8, 2007

A Proper Response of Sustained Outrage

by paradox

The utter venality, the disgusting servility, the putrid acquiescence of the White House press corps is completely well known and potentially repetitive drone of known fact (like stating Bush is easily our worst president of all time), but the latest outrage will still be expressed here if for no other reason than duty, duty to truth and the testament that the foul creatures who call themselves journalists assigned to White House do not represent America. We are not a stupid country bent on self-destruction in an orgy of corporate lying and enablement of felons, even if White House “journalists” are.

For endless months the White House cravenly evaded truth and accountability over the Libby trial and Valerie Plame with the irritating excuse they wouldn’t comment on legal matters under adjudication. Then yesterday the White House had the nuclear gall and contempt to look the press corps straight in the face after the verdict was in and say precisely the same thing—no comment, while under appeal we still can’t comment.

Pack of happy puppies, tails wagging, tongues hanging out, joyful in their run back home with only thoughts of getting patted on the head by their corporate masters, our horrible White House press corps ran instantly off to their cushy offices, perish the thought they’d been totally humiliated (for the 1,434th time) or that they actually had a professional duty that screamed they demand answers from our felon leaders over Valerie Plame.

Dan Froomkin, an extremely rare American journalist who earns the title, said the “…proper response, however, is sustained outrage, until every last critically important question is addressed.”

This is the White House press corps that silently took the ultimate humiliation of Jeff Gannon in its midst. This is the White House press corps that allowed itself to be marched in like children to a press conference right before the war where Helen Thomas was banned and only could only state later how scary it was. This is the same pack of disgusting dogs that creepily erupted into a faux outrage at Scotty McClellan when he lied to them for the 376th time in the Plame matter, only to instantly revert to form and swallow any lie chucked at them, no matter how outrageous or how many continue to die.

Froomkin can preach to his foul brethren all he wants in total futility, people who dare to call themselves Americans yet enable George Bush and Dick Cheney are beyond all hope in reason or decency--we’ve watched them for years, dude--but we in the blogosphere know god damn well what the proper response is.

We will write and blog with a fury and determination of our founders—Benjamin Franklin was a printer, and we will tirelessly publish the truth and our voices in the internet. When one blogger tires and stops three instantly arrive to take up the slack.

The Democratic netroots will get much better with our fundraising, and very soon the blank checks to losing DC consultants and campaign tactics will be over. The same DC mentality entrenched in our “journalists” and “leaders” will finally be taken on within the party, not a day too soon.

Blogtopia will continue to grow and thrive and interconnect with a dazzling array of media: print, animation, video, music. Just try to keep up with us, dead tree corporatists, lapping you is going to be fun, we’re going to attract so many readers from away from you recovery will be impossible.

We’ll keep those readers because we took your stories, took the stories Americans want and you disgustingly ignored in corporate greed. Firedoglake owned the Libby trial, what the mainstream offered was so lame, so grossly evasive of the truth and narrative it was pathetic to see what “journalists” offered. Right this second Josh Marshall owns the federal attorney termination story, while ABC has yet to even mention it.

The horrible “journalists” in the White House press corps will continue to spectacularly fail in their duty, creating a massive vacuum for the truth, reality and accountability. Ordinary citizens are going to step up and fill that vacuum, Mr. Froomkin, we went through the sustained outrage phase years ago. Getting busy is much more appropriate and satisfying, thank you very much.

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