Thursday :: Mar 8, 2007

Bush Administration Retreats On Prosecutor Firings

by Steve

Earlier today, it was reported that senators on the Judiciary Committee were going to meet with Alberto Gonzales to quiz him further on what the administration has told Congress about the federal prosecutors who were fired for political reasons. This was a precursor to subpoenas being issued to senior DOJ officials to explain on the record what the administration did and why.

It is now being reported that the Bush Administration will not oppose changing the law back to the way it was, whereby such turnovers required congressional approval. This came after Arlen Specter gave Gonzales a public vote of no confidence. Gonzales has now also told Patrick Leahy and Specter that subpoenas will not be necessary for his top officials.

Of course, these US attorneys are still gone, but we already know that Nevada GOP senator John Ensign has already told Gonzales that he wants the Nevada attorney re-appointed. I suspect that Dianne Feinstein would say the same thing about Carol Lam. It's amazing how a little congressional oversight can go a long way.

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