Thursday :: Mar 8, 2007

Newt Admits Affair During Clinton Impeachment

by Steve

AP photo of Peckerhead

Thrice-married Newt Gingrich admitted today that while he was leading the impeachment charge against Bill Clinton, he was cheating on his second wife with the woman who would become his third.

The man who wants America to ask him to run for president says it is terrible for a president to lie to a federal judge about his sex life, but OK for a would-be president to be a thrice-married adulterer who married his high school teacher and then dumped her while she was in the hospital with cancer, without paying any child support or alimony. Newt then went on to screw an aide while he was married to his second wife. And of course, Newt thinks that lying to a federal judge about one’s sex life is far worse than a president lying to a country to lead it into war.

He sure sounds qualified to be a GOP candidate for president.

Admitting this to James Dobson appears to be a prememptive move by Gingrich to sanitize himself on the issue so that he can maintain his viability later. Yet it appears inconsistent for Dobson to be dismissive of thrice-married adulterer Rudy Giuliani while giving Gingrich a pass.

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