Sunday :: Mar 11, 2007

Open Thread - Follow the Money

by Mary

Having followed the Rep. Jerry Lewis connection to the prosecutions Carol Lam was investigating for over a year, I've thought for awhile that the prosecutor purge was an awfully convenient way to stop an incredibly important investigation that would be very damaging to the status quo.

So who in California might have been voicing complaints that led to Carol Lam being fired? We know that Diane Feinstein was quite vocal in her support of Ms. Lam. So was it Barbara Boxer that raised a fuss? No? Perhaps it was someone in Congress? Wonder if Rep. Jerry Lewis had little talk with his friends in high places?

Today, Josh repeats an earlier speculation that the firing of US Attorney Carol Lam was the underlying reason for all other other firings. After all, she's the one that had her teeth in the big one. She was investigating the biggest corruption case in our country's history -- the one that connected Duke Cunningham to Brent Wilkes, to former number 3 at the CIA, Dusty Foggo, to Bill Lowery, the guy who had held Cunningham's seat in Congress before leaving in 1992 to start a lobbying firm that was one of the principle arms of Rep. Jerry Lewis' empire as head of the Congressional Appropriations Committee. It is this case more than even the Abramoff scandal that has the potential of shaking up Washingon and the military industrial complex. After all, Jerry Lewis knows were all the bodies are buried under the corrupt 109th Congress. The Bush administration has to prevent this deep corruption from coming to light. Therefore, Ms. Lam had to go.

Oh yes, it's time to follow the money.

Update: and then there's this.

It's your soapbox now.

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