Monday :: Mar 12, 2007

Letting Opportunities Get Away

by Steve


On the same day that Dick “Five Deferments and a Baby” Cheney slobbered to AIPAC the usual charges against Democrats, his old company is taking its CEO out of US jurisdiction to Dubai. As I first mentioned last night, Halliburton is immediately moving its CEO David Lesar to Dubai, before the Democratic congress can subpoena him to testify about the Cheney Energy Task Force or about the billions his company has fleeced from American taxpayers and our soldiers. And yet the best Patrick Leahy can do is complain about what kind of message it sends to taxpayers that Halliburton is leaving the country after committing fraud over these last six years and after doing business illegally with Iran while Cheney was CEO. Waxman says he “might hold a hearing” on the matter. Oh stop.

Look, its painful to say this, but all the energy we focus on stopping the Iraq war by banging on the Democrats to do something plays into the White House’s plans. While the base hammers the Democrats to stay focused on Iraq, other issues are getting away from Congress, like the administration’s lack of support for our troops, and an immediate focus on the Cheney Energy Task Force and what was really discussed at those meetings. Many of you prefer that Democrats shut this war down as soon as possible, but the public supports the Democratic agenda and wants to see action on a range of unmet needs, while supporting a withdrawal from Iraq by the end of 2008. Multitasking is difficult work, but Democrats need to remember their agenda and provide effective oversight from numerous angles that will all have the net effect of weakening support for this war even more than these frontal assaults each week.

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