Monday :: Mar 12, 2007

Subpoena Them Both

by Steve

With the word out now that Karl Rove was involved in the sacking of federal prosecutors, Chuck Schumer wants Rove to testify in front of Congress on the matter. Keep in mind that Rove would definitely want any investigation pursuing an Abramoff connection to the Cunningham/Dusty Foggo/Brent Wilkes/CIA mess to be shut down, if for no other reason that Rove's connection to Abramoff.

Newsweek reports that Gonzales' office drew up the list of targets with input from the White House:

Two senior Justice officials, who didn't want to be named discussing the dismissals, tell NEWSWEEK that Kyle Sampson, Gonzales's chief of staff, developed the list of eight prosecutors to be fired last October—with input from the White House. In a recent statement, the White House said it approved the firings, but didn't sign off on specific names.

By the way Senator Schumer, does Rove still have his security clearance, and if so, why? It's time for subpoenas folks. Drag Rove and Alberto Gonzales out front and center on this one.

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