Tuesday :: Mar 13, 2007

The GOP's Little Men

by Steve

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It’s a fun day for the White House. Alberto accepts responsibility for his handling of the federal prosecutor sackings, without acknowledging that he lied to Congress or accepting that the move itself smacked of political headhunting and the gross politicization of the Department of Justice.

General Peter Pace regrets calling homosexuality immoral, after getting lit up by GOP Senator John Warner and Nancy Pelosi, but refuses to apologize. Is anyone surprised that a Bush general is seemingly more concerned about the sexual preferences of his forces than he is with maintaining adequate troop levels from a failed foreign and military policy? It’s too bad Pace doesn’t reserve a similar level of righteous outrage over sending his troops into battle without adequate armor, food, training, rest, and logistical support. Gays and adulterous soldiers bother him, not the meat grinder of this war.

But amidst all this trouble for the White House, leave it to the Democrats to help out: to placate the Blue Dog Democrats in her caucus and dance to AIPAC’s demands, Pelosi made it easier for Bush to attack Iran today.

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