Tuesday :: Mar 13, 2007

Iraq: The Failures of Democratization

by soccerdad

The title is from a must read article from Stephen Zunes at Foreign Policy In Focus.
He presents a concise yet thorough review of the the efforts of the U.S. over the last four years. Here are some teasers:

His summary:

The failures of Iraqi democratization as advocated by the Bush administration should not be blamed primarily on the Iraqis. Nor should they be used to reinforce racist notions that Arabs or Muslims are somehow incapable of building democratic institutions and living in a democratic society. Rather, democracy from the outset has been more of a self-serving rationalization for American strategic and economic interests in the region than a genuine concern for the right of the Iraq people to democratic self-governance.

and this

President Bush and his supporters still insist that Iraq is a model of "democracy" that other countries in the region should emulate. Just as the Soviets gave "socialism" a bad name through their conquest and occupation of Afghanistan, the U.S. conquest and occupation of Iraq along with subsequent events in that country have, in the eyes of many Muslims worldwide, tarnished the reputation of democracy. Democracy, alas, has become synonymous with war, chaos, domination by a foreign power, and massive human suffering.

Go read!!

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