Wednesday :: Mar 14, 2007

Sununu: Gonzales "Should Be Fired"

by Steve

The dam has opened:

Sen. John Sununu of New Hampshire on Wednesday became the first Republican in Congress to call for Attorney General Alberto Gonzales' dismissal, hours after President Bush expressed confidence in his embattled Cabinet officer.
"I think the president should replace him," Sununu said in an interview with The Associated Press.
Sununu said the firings, together with a report last Friday by the Justice Department's inspector general criticizing the administration's use of secret national security letters to obtain personal records in terrorism probes, shattered his confidence in Gonzales.
"We need to have a strong, credible attorney general that has the confidence of Congress and the American people," said Sununu, who faces a tough re-election campaign next year. "Alberto Gonzales can't fill that role."
"I think the attorney general should be fired," Sununu said.

I would normally say that Sununu will do the Specter dance tomorrow, and retract this after he gets threatened by the White House, except that Sununu is up against a tough race next year.

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