Friday :: Mar 16, 2007

Declining Faith and Detachment From US Government

by paradox

One of the first things Democrats enacted when they took power this year was pay as you go legislation—nothing new can be proposed unless revenues are raised or shifted from somewhere else. Although Democrats have to be responsible and continually clean up fiscal disasters inherited from lying Republicans who can’t handle money, it also has the convenient effect of stopping new liberal legislation that would do a lot of good—healthcare, daycare, education, food. Elements of society we used to perform for our own people before we decided to blow up and rebuild Iraq; unfortunately we’re still in the blowing up phase there.

How convenient that this utter flaming disaster of Iraq can be borrowed endlessly for, why, half a trillion dollars so far (including this year’s unbelievable $100 billion) is just the future of the country, how could that be relevant? No strings attached, our little war felon demands, as the long term cost soar above a trillion.

As Glenn Greenwald noted recently lying to Congress has become totally routine for Republican Executive witnesses before Congress. As I noted last week, there’s been so much lying from the US military (Lynch, torture, Tillman, phosphorous weapons) it’s become impossible for regular citizens to figure out what’s going on in Iraq and Afghanistan, who is one to believe?

In another extremely convenient development it turns out the Army report on all the Pat Tillman lying will come out right after the Congressional vote on funding the war. Bill Clinton got impeached for lying about a skirt, while the Army can lie endlessly all it wants when it comes to the war.

Democrats always say they believe government is the solution, but all the lying and the borrowing for the war breeds great cynicism and distrust among the people. Those uninterested in summoning the energy to stay informed and vote are well pleased—look at these bombastic fools, committed to a government enterprise rotten to the core, well worth ignoring. How is our government supposed to work in this environment?

One also hears this awful smarmy statement of satisfaction from citizens that the great and noble US government is self-correcting, sure it produced a felon like Nixon but it also got rid of him, right? We’re hearing about all this rampant law-breaking and heinous morality, so the system will automatically fix itself, right?

Huh. For that to happen Bush must be impeached immediately and the war stopped at once. The country has gone down a disastrously long road of self-destruction under the Republicans and perhaps two generations of constant “self-correction” could get us where we should be.

This isn’t a rail against our current Democratic leadership for being inactive. It’s simply a statement of fact that by not impeaching Bush and stopping the war they seal the fate of the country where 40% of the populace won’t even vote. Our inactive and detached citizens will have been given all the empirical evidence they need to demonstrate even the elected so-called leaders of government aren’t interested in defending it and caring for it—why should they?

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