Saturday :: Mar 17, 2007

Decent Job Covering Blogging by LA Times

by paradox

Terry McDermott of the Los Angeles Times does a good job of covering the phenomena of American blogs today, making some glaring errors but on the whole writing fairly and performing professional reporting on hotshot Dr. Josh Marshall, blogger of widely esteemed Talking Points Memo and publisher of TPMuckraker.

McDermott makes an obvious point to be respectful of the casual clothes and Spartan office accouterments of Dr. Marshall’s startup, avoiding the trap of sneering at the apparently mongrel writers from a “professional.” The respect is partly due to stellar, blazing journalism by TPMuckraker, partly to a long history of great blogging by Dr. Marshall that any “professional” journalist would be proud to own, and also the fact that Dr. Marshall is a highly educated, experienced, passionate writer of great principle.

Therein lies the kernel of reality so obviously missing in McDermott’s piece: if the LA Times has such a great frenetic newsroom of massive human and technical resources, if it has a national reach and bureaus in major cities, if it has an annual budget in the tens of millions of dollars with allegedly some of the best “professional” management money can buy, what the hell is one of it’s reporters doing interviewing a journalist who should have broken some of Marshall’s stories as a paid member of the LA Times staff?

Because the LA Times has really lousy political journalism, that’s why, just like the rest of clownish American political journalism. To put it in the most polite terms possible—the incalculable damage cause by the infuriating twerps who dare to call themselves “journalists” in this country will never, ever be forgotten.

As we endlessly schedule debt payments that should have built a country for our grandchildren, as we bury our young in disastrous wars, as we befoul our planet and incredulously ignore the great suffering of our own citizens the pod people at the LA Times whistle along, disgusting in their corporate indifference to the abuse of the country (they got their money, they care for very little else), uncaring to gutting of its staff, and completely indifferent to the gross affront to the truth and decency when, in classic corporate whoredom, the LA Times hired Jonah Goldberg.

American journalism is so bad ordinary citizens with busy lives full of other duty devote themselves to publishing the truth. For the good of the country, no other reason, because our disgusting lying “journalism” corps will not. One can easily see how a “professional” journalist would leave this out of their writing on the phenomena of blogging, but it’s still a bad error. Dr. Marshall is one of the rare blog pioneers to go truly professional, but almost all of the liberal and Democratic blogging community is amateur.

An error very much on the minor side is McDermott’s observation that many in the blogging community are good at self-correction. The liberals and Democrats are committed to the truth and tustice and attempt to engage all the best elements of the human psyche in their blogs. Of course it’s very difficult and the results are often messy and clumsy, but we’d never have it any other way, of course not, it’s how Americans in a modern democracy are supposed to behave, naturally our blogs are self-correcting.

Conservative and Republican blogs, however (with a very few exceptions), view blogging and internet publishing as mere organs for propaganda and flinging sneering lies about liberals, environmentalists and Democrats, the truth and self-correction nowhere to be found. Even when a conservative blog rampantly goes over the line and tacitly accepts comments that Jimmy Carter is a traitor who should be assassinated, why, there is no correction.

That’s how low they really go, “journalist” McDermott, and the casual, sloppy generalization grouping this blog with such foul, violent propaganda outlets is noted.

It’s interesting to find there is a massive technological hole in McDermott’s work—there aren’t any links. One reads it on the internet, the whole subject is about other domains in the internet, but home boy McDermott, chained to whatever dead tree brain dead conventions of American “journalism” in the rotted Jonah Goldberg institution he works for, still can’t use the medium.

Publishing in the internet, writing about the internet, trying to be hip and respectful, yet as always, witless and left behind. The base incompetence and obdurate cluelessness of American “journalism” is inflicted upon the reader once again, and every day more grow disgusted and flock to the blogs to find the truth.

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