Saturday :: Mar 17, 2007

US Out of Iraq Now

by paradox

Image courtesy Reuters.

I’m afraid I’m not much help to the Democratic Party with my war stance. I’m sorry the path to peace is so difficult and filled with so many dangers.

I don’t care, I’d even accept losing to Republicans in attempt to end the war. Better honor with defeat than this cringing insanity of maiming and death.

This is quite an extraordinary position for me, not once can I remember an issue trumping electoral concerns for my party. After those 70 girls got killed in Baghdad last year waiting to be picked up from the University there is no other path than for the United States to get out. Today.

President Bush says the consequences would be disastrous. Iraq is already a flaming disaster, and we can only hope a presence in Kuwait stops a regional conflagration. We are broke, in debt to trillions, killing Iraqis by the tens of thousands and losing thousands of our own, plus the horribly wounded. Just stop the lying insanity, morally there is no other path, we lied to get to this point, remember?

Thousands marched against the war today in DC, and hopefully one day soon their sane patriotism will be taken seriously. Only then with the war ended do we have a chance to get our country back.

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