Saturday :: Mar 17, 2007

More Smoke From White House On Attorney Firings

by Steve

Don’t be surprised if the new narrative on the United States attorney (USA) firings is that it was the Justice Department that was culpable for misleading Congress, not the White House. A story in tomorrow’s New York Times indicates that the attorney for former Alberto Gonzales chief of staff Kyle Sampson said late Friday that others in the Justice Department knew full well about the ongoing discussions since the 2004 election between DOJ and the White House, and that those senior DOJ officials were also responsible for preparing the misleading testimony to Congress. His attorney also said Sampson isn’t shouldering any blame for misleading Congress. Note that Sampson’s attorney formerly worked for Gonzales in the White House counsel’s office.

Of course this line of argument is utter bullshit, since it was the White House that fingered Harriet Miers for this mess without mentioning that Rove and Gonzales had worked on this right after the 2004 election. Sampson’s attorney is simply an administration hack trying to spin that his client is blameless while other DOJ senior staffers are at fault, and doesn’t want anyone to focus on his former boss or the White House. Before long Gonzales will be blaming his staff, in the hope that he saves his own skin.

I suspect that there is much more at play here that the administration wants to cover up. As Brad Friedman at notes, this GOP vote fraud angle is part of a disinformation program from the White House and RNC to convince voters that it is the Democrats who are responsible for voting fraud, using the typical Rove tactic of steering people away from your point of weakness by attacking your opponent from that weakness. By convincing voters that there is a voting fraud problem, it is easier to push through electronic voting laws that disenfranchise Democratic voters while cementing long-term Republican control. But it’s harder to claim Democratic voting fraud if your USAs refuse to use their offices for partisan witch hunts.

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