Monday :: Mar 19, 2007

Fourth Anniversary Of The GOP's Illegal War

by Steve


On the fourth anniversary of the commencement of an illegal war, it appears that Tony Snow and the rest of the White House are a little touchy in defending this debacle. I love the imperial smugness of a press secretary from Fox News telling a reporter from CNN to “zip it” when Snow can’t defend the war any longer and instead requires the press to define success.

Bush certified to Congress that he had done all he could to prevent war. We know this to be a lie because Bush was planning for this war from the earliest days of his administration. Bush certified to Congress that Saddam had WMDs in violation of the UN resolutions, and that Saddam supported Al Qaeda. Both of these assertions were lies at the time Bush made them. The IAEA wanted several more weeks for its inspectors on the ground in Iraq to update their assessments of Iraq’s WMD program, yet Bush told them to get out in advance of the attack. The administration knew that if the IAEA had the additional time, their findings would undermine the rush to war. An administration that lied its way into war continues the pattern every time the Bush Administration uses statistics to quantify the war’s progress.

Our military is broken; our country no longer supports the war, and wants it over within 12 months. Nearly six in ten Americans support the House Democratic initiative to get our forces out of Iraq by the fall of 2008. Yet while the GOP defends the unending war, Democrats do not have the votes to force a change upon Bush until the 2008 appropriation bill comes up for debate this fall. Iraq is a toxic cloud that the GOP has spread over this country, a cloud that has successfully muzzled the Democratic Party and split it at the same time, something the White House has realized and taken advantage of all these years. Appeals for patience and false claims of progress are all the GOP has left now, before the calendar and growing public disapproval of the ongoing war force a major abandonment of this administration later this year.

Democrats are forced by their own inadequate numbers and internal divisions to play for the long game right now, something that is distasteful for all of us while more and more soldiers die over the summer. The House version of a binding timeline resolution will die a quick death in the Senate, as have previous attempts, because any attempt to manage the surge before it has six months or so to work will be portrayed as defeatism. All Democrats can do in these debates is to focus the spotlight on the GOP and the Liebermans, the Nelsons, and the Pryors for their votes supporting ongoing war, and then ask how many more soldiers must die before members of the Senate are shamed into holding the administration accountable for negligence and ineptitude.

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