Monday :: Mar 19, 2007

The Hillary "1984" Net Ad

by Steve

You've probably heard of the Obama attack ad against Hillary on the net, the one that uses Apple's famous "1984"-themed Super Bowl commercial from years ago as its inspiration. Adam Conner wrote a good summary about this ad over at MyDD tonight. Yes, the Obama campaign says they didn't do the ad, but am I the only person who thinks that San Francisco Chronicle reporter Carla Marinucci unwittingly revealed who may be behind the video in her follow-up piece late this afternoon?

Steve Dowling, corporate spokesman for Apple reached Monday by The Chronicle, said he did not know who produced the political video and repeatedly declined to answer questions about the firm's reaction – or whether it was considering legal action.
But E. Floyd Kvamme – who helped bring the original "1984" ad to Super Bowl viewers when he was vice president of sales and marketing for Apple Computers – said he wouldn't be surprised if the company took action.
"They've always been very protective about their image," said Kvamme, now a Silicon Valley venture capitalist, key technology adviser to the Bush administration and a supporter of Republican presidential candidate Rudolph Giuliani.

A guy who has access to, and would be inspired from the original ad, with ties to techies who could crank this out quickly, who also happens to be a GOP hack working for Giuliani?


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