Wednesday :: Mar 21, 2007

Gore Faces The Usual GOP Drivel

by Steve

Reuters photo

The once and future president made his case to a House committee today, got the usual “think of business interests first” drivel from the Republicans, and stood his ground. If the GOP wants dinosaurs like Joe Barton, Denny Hastert, and Jim Inhofe to be their poster children on the issue of global warming, I think the Democrats will be only too happy to oblige. The GOP will be obliterated on this issue in 2008 if they obstruct the bipartisan work of John McCain, Joe Lieberman, Dianne Feinstein, Jeff Bingaman, and others all the way to the election.

Now let’s see how Hillary treats Al this afternoon in front of the Senate committee. She must know by now that another six months of senseless tit-for-tat with Obama does her no good while Gore sits off to the side, losing weight and picking up a Nobel Prize this fall.

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