Wednesday :: Mar 21, 2007

Try Another One Tony

by Steve

The “executive privilege” defense already unravels: why assert a privilege for an executive you claim had nothing to do with the decision?

CNN’s Ed Henry today, after watching Tony Snow dance like a high school dork:

I think also, another thing to look at, I followed up a question about executive privilege. You heard Tony Snow at the end there saying the president has no recollection of being involved in this decision to fire the US attorneys. So we asked the question then, well why are you citing executive privilege - or at least suggesting you will, and yesterday the president said the principle at stake here is candid advice from his advisers to the president - if the president was not involved in the decision, then how can you cite executive privilege on something he was really not involved in? And Tony Snow basically said, it's a good question and I don't know the answer.

And Tony could not explain why there is an 18-day gap in the email document dump either.

In its desire the shield Bush at all costs, the White House sends the woefully inadequate Snow out to clumsily step onto land mines that Fred Fielding would tell them undermine their basic defense. In fact, Snow is the last guy you want out there talking about executive privilege, given what he said about Clinton's attempt to use it.

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