Thursday :: Mar 22, 2007

Open Thread - Priorities, Priorities

by Mary

A table the Justice Department provided to Congress to explain the firings of Charlton and Bogden references both prosecutors' unwillingness to pursue obscenity cases, one of Gonzales' priorities. -- Salt Lake Tribune

Evidently, if a US Attorney (especially in a district known for immorality) wasn't actively pursuing porn cases, he or she would be considered a weak employee. It's so reassuring to know that terrorism, corruption, criminal prosecutions, and fraud are so well in hand that our US Attorneys should spend a lot more time polishing the legacy of the AG re: porn. Too bad that cleaning up porn isn't a priority that even Gonzales' defenders are touting as what his legacy will prove to be. And too bad Gonzales hasn't figured out that one of the ways to make a real legacy in an area is to show his staff that he is just as worried about the problem as he wants them to be. If his main priorities are terrorism or immigration or voter fraud, then porn will always get a short shrift by his team.

So what's on your mind?

Update: courtesy of mainsailset, here's a site where you can light a candle for Elizabeth Edwards. Elizabeth, we send our prayers for you and hope to see your rapid return to participating in this important national conversation about what type of country we will be in the future.

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