Thursday :: Mar 22, 2007

Tony Snow: Blowdried Sock Puppet

by Steve

Tony Snow makes a fool of himself again, proving that shame and stupidity are job requirements for the Bush Administration.


QUESTION: What is the president’s opinion of a request by Republican leaders in the House to launch an investigation of Sandy Berger’s involvement in the removal of classified documents from the National Archives?
SNOW: There were questions last week, about investigations involving Republican members. Members of Congress have their own oversight obligations. They may proceed as they wish. They’re a separate and co-equal branch of government and I’m not going to tell them what they can and can’t do.


There’s another principle, which is Congress doesn’t have the legislative — I mean oversight authority over the White House. [CNN, 3/22/07]
First, the White House is under no compulsion to do anything. The legislative branch doesn’t have oversight. [MSNBC, 3/22/07]
Congress doesn’t have any legitimate oversight and responsibilities to the White House. [Fox, 3/22/07]

As long as the Congress goes after Democrats, the White House is OK with that. When they go after the current Republican regime, suddenly they have no "oversight authority over the White House."

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