Friday :: Mar 23, 2007

New Emails Show USA Purge Clearly Political

by Steve

Yes, Alberto flat-out lied to Congress about the Tim Griffin installation in the Arkansas US attorney (USA) slot. It turns out that both the White House and Justice were working to dump Bud Cummins and replace him with political hack and Rove lieutenant Griffin as far back as early 2005, even thought Gonzales told Congress it wasn’t the case. And now another USA Margaret Chiara is saying she was dumped to make room for another hack.

Isn’t it clear why Rove wanted an experienced oppo researcher like Griffin in Little Rock during the three years leading up to the 2008 election? And why did Rove’s lackeys in the White House use RNC email accounts to help arrange Griffin’s appointment, if it wasn’t clearly a partisan political operation to install these USAs?

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