Saturday :: Mar 24, 2007

Bush Will Veto His War, Tell Me Another One

by paradox

One reason to get up every day is reading Dan Froomkin at The Washington Post—for a “journalism” shop in utter disgrace here, of all places, is one of the most consistent professional voices of truth in the country. I was darkly amused to see Mr. Froomkin carefully parse Bush’s words last week on the prosecutor scandal (Bush was unaware of any inappropriate behavior), easily identifying another gross Bush lying non-denial denial and asking why his creepy colleagues continued to blindly report the war felon’s lies verbatim like the disgusting stenographers they are. There is hope for America yet.

Another Bush whopper of all time last week is the “threat” he’ll veto the current Iraq war funding bill. What’s he going to do, trash the whole thing, horribly endangering our troops with such irresponsibility, so Congress can start all over and possibly deliver the bill he wants four months later?

The Pentagon wants its war money for lying killing now. Today. To think that somehow George Bush would ever shut down his war and starve the military-industrial complex of the United States has to be one of the biggest lies of the year, and that’s saying a lot.

Froomkin is totally correct, of course, Bush is an inveterate liar, to trust one syllable out of his mouth is ridiculous. Not only is Bush’s credibility in utter shreds, he has nothing, totally nothing to fight back with. There’s no majority in Congress to do his bidding or drive an agenda, he’s a lame duck with no successor, his popularity continues on a Titanic plummet to the bottom, the Republican brand is in stinking tatters, party ID is a blooming nuclear disaster for the GOP, and it’s so culturally uncool to like Bush and the Republicans—who on earth wants to be seen with lying killers who can’t handle money and tell you not to have premarital sex? Ewwwww.

The only twerps who take our dear war felon seriously when he flaps his lips are most of our corporate journalists at The Washington Post and the rest of the chattering hyenas in the mainstream media. That’s it, this absurd sheen of desperate credibility for the oval office is so transparent by now no one is fooled.

The ridiculous DC chatter for the current war funding bill is that it’s going to have a very difficult path to passage in the Senate. Good, very good news indeed. Perhaps the bill will die and then funding for the war will die, and one day reality will finally be accepted and most of the troops ordered home, a cautionary force stationed in Kuwait for the rest.

I’m completely fed up and horribly sickened at what we’ve done to Iraq and I do not give a shit, under any scenario, how the lying war felon show ends, it just has to immediately stop. Jesus save us any threats the Democrats would get blamed for defeat, the lying chatterers in DC will endlessly do it anyway, and as Mr. 28% will tell you, after six years of desperately trying to prop up this disgusting creature we call a president, well, what the lying media says doesn’t matter either, the lies just stop working after enough time.

The political party responsible for stopping the war will be the popular and majority party for it, naturally, who wants to keep on the lying horror show of death? Only Bush, Cheney and the rest of the neocon freaks, their enablers in the “journalism” corps taking it in like baseball bobblehead toys and passing on the lies with ersatz seriousness.

Even if I’m wrong about the eventual judgment to the end of the war I do not care. At least I can walk the earth for the rest of the eyeblink given to me knowing my people did the right thing, and I can finally walk abroad again with at least some semblance of honor and dignity. There was a time and there will be again where more humans than not admired America, and as we take our country back that days draws ever closer, thank you Jesus.

It seems impossible the war funding bill will die in the Senate, the bloodthirsty liars have been so committed to killing for the last four years, but maybe it really will. Go ahead, George, be the man with the truth blazing at your side, go ahead and veto your war if the bill even makes it to your desk, shut it all down. We so believe you.

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