Sunday :: Mar 25, 2007

Being True to Our Traditions

by paradox

Zbigniew Brzezinski writes a fine essay in The Washington Post this morning on the absurdity and dangers of American paranoia (hand over those shoes to get a plane, brave American), but I’m left a little confused by his last sentence: “Let us be true to our traditions.”

What traditions would those precisely be, sir? The tradition of greedy territorial expansion at the vicious expense of the humans living there, be they American Indian or Iraqi? The tradition of insidious, rampant racism that still inflicts incalculable harm to our people? The glorious past of American capitalism, abusing and exploiting its labor to grossly pollute in a greatly unequal society?

Just for pointing out the obvious and hoping that we as a people could do better, is one tradition of being sneered at as a fag-loving “American-hater,” a filthy liberal who wants America to fail who should be shunned and eliminated, is that a tradition we should keep too?

In my own precious time with the country an election was stolen in a judicial coup because this great Democracy you allude to can’t jimmy majority rule into its presidential election mechanism. Then an enabling “journalism” corps allowed a war for lies and the election of our current war felon executive, the worst we have ever seen, to stick us with this current horror show in Iraq we can’t fix.

The traditions of the United States produced George Bush and the Republican Party, Mr. Brzezinski. One can always look at Bush as an anomaly, if denial is your thing, but he didn’t just pop out of nowhere. The authoritarian researchers put it this way: the issue isn’t the idiot war felon killer freak George Bush, it’s why 35% of our people to this day slavishly adhere to anything he says or does and Congress, incredibly, can’t stop this disastrous war. How did we, the awesome American people, end up being led and following this…this bloodthirsty lying monster?

Hell, sir, I don’t know. It’s just that I, as a lowly plain American with a keyboard, no more, think we’ve got really, really serious problems as a country and society that don’t allow for denial about who we are and where we came from. I’m not comfortable at all with the notion of retuning to a lot of our traditions.

It was a great work of writing, Mr. Brzezinski, I’m truly grateful for a sane voice at last to attempt calming the insane fear we’re in the grip of. In no way as a citizen and human do I feel it’s my place to criticize y’all, really, I’m just a plain obscure suburbanite with no qualifications of amazing intelligence or insight.

I just had to say it, a lot of what we come from is negative regressive behavior we would do well never to return to. We’ve got an incredible amount of work to do to make sure that we finally, one day, put it behind us.

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