Tuesday :: Mar 27, 2007

Dragging The Oval Office Into The Mess

by Steve

The fun part about this story is that 1) if what Josh has dug up is true, it ties the White House directly into the Duke Cunningham scandal; and 2) you can bet that Henry Waxman already knows all about it. If the Bush Administration allowed the federal contracting process to be used to funnel bribe money to Duke Cunningham through a bogus contract for the VP’s office, then quite frankly Dick Cheney and Alberto Gonzales should be impeached, and the Democrats should demand the appointment of a Special Counsel.

It is nearly impossible for any of us to get our mental arms around the scope of possible illegality perpetrated by this administration against the American people these last six years, starting with how this cabal seized power. There are only so many congressional staffers, and there is no Department of Justice anymore after the attorney firings that has an interest in digging this up. The only way to grasp this and put together a large case against the adminstration in its remaining two years would be for a large group of folks with passion and research skills, who share a conviction that we are being led by criminals, to band together in one giant research project to spilt up assignments and scandals and put together the paper trail for Congress to follow. There are so many areas to dig into, but it could be done.

I wonder where we could find hundreds if not thousands of folks who would be willing to act as an army probing the administration from thousands of angles?

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