Thursday :: Mar 29, 2007

Laughing Through Disaster

by Steve

Yesterday morning Mr. Bush once again attacked Democrats for not funding the troops when the Senate yesterday and today passed a supplemental appropriations bill to … fund the troops. Bush demanded an appropriations bill that allowed him to conduct the war with a free hand, hours after former war supporter and retired General Barry McCaffrey told the White House that Iraq was in a low-grade civil war and that our military was facing strategic peril. Bush and his delusional lackey John McCain continue to insist from their first hand observations and those of Iraqi blogging dentists that the surge is working, even though there are daily reminders to the contrary, including today where yesterday’s revenge killings by Shiite policemen were followed up with a new set of car bombings. Perhaps this is why less than a third of Americans think the surge is working, and the Saudis have now turned against our presence in Iraq.

The Democrats have responded to this infantile behavior by Bush, McCain, and Joe Lieberman the only way they should: by confronting such denial and misjudgment and by telling the president to calm down. The messaging by Pelosi, whereby the grandmother finds herself telling the petulant and unstable old men to calm down is solid, and can over time be used to implant an image in the mind of the voters that Mom has to step in now to stop the mentally unstable geriatrics from driving the car onto the sidewalk any further.

Yet, how did those inside the Beltway respond to this ongoing borderline criminal behavior by the White House and GOP? By yucking it up with the president and Karl Rove last night.

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