Saturday :: Mar 31, 2007

Saturday Night Open Thread

by paradox

I've never been embarrassed about cruising computer screens on a Saturday night--fact is, I love my machine'n the internet and any time is a good time to surf. Saturday night surfing isn't about getting a life, it's how I got a life, it's good to see y'all.

I'm very unskilled at pitching folks for money, but I would be remiss in my duty not to note two titans of the blogging world are currently holding fundraisers: John Amato and David Neiwert. I rather suspect what they take in doesn't come remotely close to paying the empirical costs of running a blog, but I'm positive the many acts of faith and kind words from the many ordinary citizens doing their part with some real money (it never matters how much) instills a lot of faith in the human spirit for those bloggers. It's a very good thing, these events, do stop by to help if you can.

Take it away, it's a glide into Sunday.

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