Monday :: Apr 2, 2007

McCain Only Raised $12.5 Million?

by Steve


What is more surprising to you: that Hillary raised $26 million in the first quarter of 2007, or that her staff have already started spinning it as “staggering” as a way to scare her opponents?

I think it is more important that Edwards brought in $14 million and got a surge of support, and that Bill Richardson brought in $6 million with a fraction of the resources of the top-tier candidates. And I suspect that Obama’s figures will come in strong when he releases them later. Note however that neither Clinton nor Edwards have released how much cash is on hand, which is more important. I will say this: if Obama keeps pace with Hillary, as some are speculating, then the sense of Clinton inevitability will be gone from this campaign. Simply stated, if Hillary had to deploy Bill earlier than she wanted just to stay $6-7 million ahead of Obama, then Team Hillary have some real problems ahead.

And what is more surprising to you: that Romney raised $23 million, or that McCain barely raised half that?

Romney may end up as this election’s John Connally or Phil Gramm, both of whom raised a ton of money only to garner little if any electoral support. Romney is at only single digits in many polls. The anticipated entry of Fred Thompson into the GOP race might cripple the Romney effort and may harm the McCain effort as well, almost as much as McCain’s own senility and claims of Iraqi security will. As for how a Fred Thompson entry will affect the Giuliani campaign, Rudy already has had a good quarter and a great March, so he has the resources to hang around a while until the media begins to compare which of the two of them has the more interesting history with the ladies.

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