Thursday :: Apr 5, 2007

Will The Press Ever Wake Up to Cheney?

by paradox

Image courtesy of Think Progress

I have been totally silent on the matter of our lying felon Vice President this year, for Marcy Wheeler and the rest of the crew at Firedoglake have been more than thorough in documenting the prevails of Cheney’s convicted felon Chief of Staff and the incredulous phenomena of the true narrative of Valerie Plame’s story simply being ignored by the American “journalism” corps. Richard Cheney has been a central, key figure of responsibility for the greatest foreign policy nightmare of all time, his Chief of Staff is a convicted felon, his approval rating is at 18%, his office is directly responsible for the treason inflicted on Valerie Plame, and he always comically lies with the most delusional fantasies on the reality of Iraq.

For Christ’s sake, the son of a bitch shot a man in the face and then blamed the poor guy for it. There isn’t any mistake our dear felon Vice President hasn’t made the six years he’s squatted in office, but he is untouchable to our sniveling, craven, disgusting “journalists,” really, what kind of soul and brain does it take to produce “journalism” every day and ignore this screamingly heinous excuse for a public official? All the lies, the vast errors, the delusional statements, the blatant ties to corruption and horribly unseemly war profits, all of it is glossed over, every single farking day, how is it possible “journalists” don’t understand everyone instantly comprehends this gross enabling for vast crimes? Why do felons with lakes of blood at their feet get a free pass in this country?

With Richard Cheney it’s much more that the old it’s okay if you’re a Republican line, for he isn’t some Reaganesque dissembler fibbing about blown fiscal policy, he’s a lying killer felon, as dangerous a “public” official as this country has ever seen. One of his most disquieting, abhorrent habits has been to shadow George Bush when he’s making statements or short speeches to the press—incredibly, Cheney feels it’s necessary to physically shadow George Bush, as if his presence will somehow keep the worst of all time from making some mistake, or perhaps it’s some sick immature prop of assurance for the lying killer he works for.

The American “journalism” corps, of course, could ask Richard Cheney just what in the hell he’s doing in the shrubbery, but George Washington will walk the earth again before that amazing act is ever witnessed by the harried citizens of the United States. As stated before, this extremely well-known phenomena Cheney shadowing Bush is a common facet of our grim times, noted very well repeatedly by excellent sources (all of them bloggers), but after yesterday’s little episode of Cheney shadowing Bush yet again anguished record of it will be provided here.

Hello? This is sick, creepy behavior from a terrible felon committing crimes against our people every day. It makes the President of the United States look like a child on a leash to some psycho authoritarian freak, for Christ’s sake stop it! This is our country, it wasn’t set up to be smashed to pieces by these criminal liars! What the hell is the Vice President doing there in the bushes? Well?

The American “journalism” corps simply lies to itself when it thinks citizens don’t instantly see how they enable this creepy killing felon, how blatant their ass-covering is for liar Richard Cheney. To them it’s all good he hides out in the bushes, just another day in America.

It’s extremely disquieting, it’s creepy psychotic behavior from a felon who humiliates us every day before the world with his delusions. That’s the reality Richard Cheney, not the reeking obsequious acceptance so blandly put forth by our putrid “journalism” corps.

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