Friday :: Apr 6, 2007

No Escape, Monica

by Steve

I don't care if she does resign tomorrow; I still want Congress to drag Monica Goodling's lying evangelical ass to hearings next week to force her to take the Fifth. And her showboating whore of an attorney Mr. Dowd can save all that talk about Congress prejudging her. If the witch is quitting before her hearing, then she can cry me a river about poor, poor litle headhunting Monica. Her quitting is the only confirmation I need to know that 1) she's guilty as hell; and 2) she still must be held accountable for the damage she has done to the Department of Justice. I want Monica to really meet Jesus before this is all done.

And I want Congress to give all the evangelical whack jobs that Alberto has installed a chance to come to the Hill, and testify about the wonderful ways they have spread the word of Jesus and the Kool Aid of George W. Bush throughout the department and field offices, driving away a whole legion of public servants. And that starts with the bible-thumping specimen he installed in Minneapolis, a woman who is more qualified to hand out the Watchtower on the Mall than she is to run a federal attorney's office.

All these Kool Aid drinkers need to be pushed into the sunlight before this is all done, so that Congress and the Democrats can send a message to George W. Bush and Abu that their messianic conversion of the highest prosecutorial body in the land will not stand. If Bush wants to send a message of defiance to the Senate about the Fox appointment, then the Democrats should send their own message of accountability right back upon the cadre of cultists that have been installed around the country to act as Christian executioners of GOP and evangelical justice. Let the country see what Bush's GOP has wrought since the 2006 election on his way out the door in 2008, and we'll see how many GOP House and Senate incumbents want to stand in support of this administration as they face their own political juries next year.

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