Sunday :: Apr 8, 2007

Prying the Curtains Open

by Mary

The Democratic Congress is posed to conduct a number of hearings to investigate and oversee the Bush administration. Interestingly, many Republicans are demonstrating their unhappiness with the secretive and corrupt Bush regime as 119 Republicans also voted with the Democrats rescinding Bush's assertion that he could determine what papers the President could hide by fiat.

The move to improve congressional oversight isn't coming only from the newly empowered Democratic majority. "We're getting inundated with calls from staff across the Hill, asking for advice and training," says Danielle Brian, executive director of the Project on Government Oversight in Washington. "It is not just Democrats. The Democrats took over, but what that has done is give a sense of freedom to Republicans who are inclined to conduct oversight."

What a beautiful sight: sunshine on the White House.

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