Monday :: Apr 9, 2007

Imus Gets Suspended By His Enablers

by Steve


Our modern media culture shows its hypocrisy, as Don Imus is suspended for doing what he has been doing for years:

Two of the nation’s biggest media companies — CBS Corp. and NBC Universal — will ultimately decide the fate of Imus’ daily program after he referred last week to members of the Rutgers women’s basketball team as “nappy-headed hos.”

Look, Imus like Howard Stern is nothing more than a media personality and an entertainer playing to his audience. I lump them in with Rush: entertainers who traffic in brutality to people who are different from them. I think it’s possible to do a non-malicious, politically-charged radio show with humor and a well-informed host(s), but the media overlords don't want that and are too lazy to sell it, because it's much easier to play down to the worst among us. Even Air America’s new owner Mark Green doesn’t give a rat’s ass and is more interested in moving away from smart and edgy.

The truth is that in a pre-You Tube world Imus has been spewing derogatory crap for years now and getting away with it because the media companies have made money off of his stoner cowboy hat-wearing schtick, and millions of people laugh at his smears. Among those millions are many liberals who feel more comfortable laughing at those attacks when it comes from an alleged hipster like Imus, rather than a pill-popping fascist punk like Rush.

Sure, it’s over the top for Al Sharpton of all people to be taking the moral high road with anyone, but Imus put himself in this situation. Hell, the AP whitewashes his act as “grumpy outrageousness” and yet Imus and his enabling Beltway friends think alike. When you add up the audiences for Rush, the rest of the Rush wannabes, Stern, and Imus, there are a lot of people in the country who yuk it up when talking heads make cruel fun of “people not like me.”

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