Tuesday :: Apr 10, 2007

One Day the Surge Will be Over

by paradox

Oh yes, as implausible as it seems in the dreary splat of daily US journalism, there will come a day when the great and mighty surge is declared a bust, a plain failure, just another pathetic attempt to kick the can down the road for any kind of responsibility or accountability for this lying, murderous horror of war in Iraq.

War opponents have always known what a Friedman (the bold statements that things will be better in six months or that 180 days of waiting are required for some absurd new tactic, Operation War Crime in Real Time) the Surge was, but with every passing day with the war bleeding endlessly comes on another pressing element: total evasion of responsibility. A great unspoken rule of our Republic is that past Presidents do not criticize or attack sitting Presidents, and that retired Presidents are untouchable. How utterly uncouth to prosecute a retired Executive, move on.

But even granting the American populace the utmost patience with two Friedman’s from this very day, a year of screaming mayhem into the future of April 2008, on that day the Surge and the war will once again be a total failure with a frantic need to withdraw to staunch the bleeding. It will likely arrive in half that time, but one day with many months left in Bush’s term there will be no more cans to kick down the road, no more nauseating rationalizations to fling so arrogantly forward, no more excuses, no more time, no more money.

The liberal base will not put up with another $100 billion in 2008 for this insanity, and neither will the rest of the country. The outlandish and insane proposition that our country, earned with so much work and sacrifice, will be chucked down the drain for a lying idiot who wants war without end is simply not going to occur. Some might be very harsh on the intellectual ability of the American public but no one has ever accused of us of being suicidal.

What then? What are we going to do with our little war felon and that creep who shadows him in the bushes? Is it really possible the leadership of the Democratic Party would be content to sit on its hands and let the clock run out on this horror show of illegality called a Presidency? Even when the surge is dead and gone and another year of insanity must somehow be governed through?

I wouldn’t put it past them—Democrats have been very disappointing in their dictum not to vociferously oppose the war in real leadership and then impeach the war felons who lead us. It Has Been Decided, little loyal voter, that the Democrats will be magnanimous, restrained, and so suave in their acquiescence to decency in not rocking the boat and upsetting folks with jail terms. The country is a wreck with a madman at the helm for another 19 months, but don’t worry, little one, running out the clock carries no risk and is no dishonor, no no no, who’s been lying to you?

It’s tragically absurd—there is no worse President in our history, easily, yet he will not be impeached, the country is too dysfunctional to do it. Not a tragedy of trauma, either, but a self-inflicted uncontrolled gross bowel movement that our country can’t clean itself up from. Yes, it’s that bad and that nasty, and it’s precisely how outsiders see us in our true reality.

Bob Somerby has noted many, many times that Election 2000 is the election that liberals refuse to discuss. I am calmly amazed right along with him, year after year, as the incredible theft of our country is swept under the rug in total denial. A few of us have always been brave enough to know and say our country is gone, really gone, the soft junta delivered our freak felon President currently on a rampage with election 2000, it’s completely happened. On our watch, the greatest country of all time slid under.

Our chattering class of politicians and media jackals will never be able to admit that, even as the country and the Middle East crashes and burns. The NSA and the FBI have morphed into Gestapo-wannabe thugs who spy on us. We attack countries for no reason, we torture anyone we like, we bomb children indiscriminately, habeas corpus is gone, and the rule of law is a fantasy with a President totally out of control. We’re broke and still unable to tell the truth to ourselves, but never mind, American, never you mind.

I suppose I’ll have to get used to it starting now, a continually broken Presidency with the failed Surge behind him, totally crippling the country for at least a year until a real Executive shows up in 2009. If one shows up.

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