Friday :: Apr 13, 2007

Friday Morning Grab Bag

by Steve


The Washington Post catches up to the RNC Missing Emails story this morning, and gets GOP officials to admit “that they took action to prevent Rove -- and Rove alone among the two dozen or so White House officials with RNC accounts -- from deleting his e-mails from the RNC server.” This White House is noncompliant with the 1978 Presidential Records Act, and any prosecution demands a Special Counsel.

As Mitt Romney panders to the wingnuts in the GOP, he distances himself from his own state's universal health care program, which he plans to take credit for in the general election.

Who is Rudy Giuliani’s foreign policy brain trust? The same nimrods that gave you Bush/Cheney’s record of failure.

Paul Wolfowitz, he of such great judgment about the Iraq war and remaking the Islamic world in our image, used his influence as World Bank president to land his lover a high-paying job, and has lost any support he still had from bank staff. Another Bush official with the ethics of Jack Abramoff. He may even get sacked.

FEMA wasted $40 million in prepared meals for Katrina victims because they didn’t plan for adequate storage space. So why does Michael Chertoff at DHS still have a job?

And any rhetorical advantage the White House had in bashing Democrats over prolonging the deployments of troops by attaching strings to the supplemental appropriations bill died the next day when the Defense Department announced that the administration was … prolonging the deployment of troops itself.

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