Saturday :: Apr 14, 2007

Don…Imus, Oh Yeah

by paradox

Even though can’t speak Spanish and I’ve never been to South America, Africa or Asia I convinced myself long ago I was worldly and hip—hey, I got a degree, liked the cathedral more than the tower in Pisa, been to 32 states, and was always well-read and informed. It’s occurred to me more and more lately, however, that my quaint self-assurance of being with it is due for some serious re-assessment.

When the furor erupted over Don Imus last week I had to take a long double-check to try and remember who he was—I’d never heard his voice once. I haven’t listened to the radio in around ten years—the lists for music were stultifying in their savage boredom, so I just let it fade, music was all I used the medium for. One college summer carrying hod in Tracy I heard quite a few snippets of Rush Limbaugh, but never an entire show. I’ve never heard any other radio personality on the radio, nothing. All those politicians trooping in to be guests on this really angry Imus guy’s show (people think I need Zolof sometimes, man) on a regular basis—they do? Why?

Katie Couric was wanker of the day last week and it occurred to me as I read the name I’ve never seen her anchor the news, not once. I used to read two newspapers a day, and now it’s a pretty rare day I ever fold over the paper edition, still landing in the driveway every morning, for some reason. Television still hooks me in with sports and Modern Marvels, but other than that the only modern telecommunications technology I use is the phone and internet.

In my increasingly pure pixel perspective, how much of the world can I really see? Is what I attempt to grasp close to being accurate? Am I asking the right questions based upon what I think I know just be getting all of my worldly information through my computer screen?

Hell, I don’t know. It’s even inaccurate to attempt internet definition, for the medium grows in leaps and bounds just with its video capability lately, with much more going on elsewhere. Corporate America crushed internet radio, it seems, but there’s hope it may come back some day. I can definitely say that memory of solely relying on corporate newspaper and television appalls me now, those were days of real self-delusion in thinking I was well-informed.

Tomorrow is the lineup and gnashing for the inevitable gop kiss-assing soon to be broadcast our way called Sunday “journalism.” I really wouldn’t know, I never watch any of it, I just ignore it. I’ve never seen Tim Russert’s show either, nothing, he’s never reeked his way into my live consciousness. I don’t trust anything broadcast as “journalism” on television, so I don’t waste my time on it.

I don’t mean to be snotty, and just because I’m positive I’m 100 times better and objectively informed through the internet doesn’t make it so. It’s the kind of citizen I’ve morphed into, is all.

I toil in html five days a week these days, as always basely excited and grateful as hell to be professionally connected to the internet, it’s an incredibly cool place to help build and hang out in. There’s amazing stuff in the screens we have no idea about yet, and using ’95 as the start great things have been accomplished in just the twelve years the internet entered broad American consciousness. Ya’ll ain’t seen nothing yet.

I’ve never been quite sure if the internet was the one great chance for real populism, a real way for ordinary people to effect change in American politics away from the terrible corporate lobbying model. Through the screens can we build a real liberalism that serves the country and world well? I hope so, I’m close to beginning to really know so. There is such a very long way to go, but at least there is a way.

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