Saturday :: Apr 14, 2007

Surge Isn't Aimed At Al Qaeda - Why Not?

by Steve

Reuters photo of today's Karbala bombing

This is a relatively simple question: with all of the troops we are pouring into Baghdad to round up and pressure the Shiite Al-Sadr Mahdi Army, why are we not doing a damn thing to stop Al Qaeda from slaughtering Shiites at their holy places outside of town?

It was critical for us to split the Sunni insurgency from Al Qaeda, which thankfully has now happened in order for reconciliation to begin, but it has also been clear that our efforts should always have been aimed at Al Qaeda in Iraq. Yet this far into the surge, it appears our efforts haven’t impeded Al Qaeda’s attacks against the Shiites at all. If Bush is so concerned about the war following us home if we withdraw, then why is General Petraeus focusing on the parts of the war that would never follow us home (the Sunni and Shiite insurgents) instead of the part we already know would (al Qaeda)?

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