Monday :: Apr 16, 2007

Open Thread - Who's Paying for Bush's War

by Mary

So who does pay for Bush's war? Our troops are now starting their fourth rotation which will be extended for 15 months in country because George W Bush has decided that the way to "win" the war is to "surge the troops" until the Iraqis can take over. These soldiers and their families are certainly paying for George's bright idea. Yet, just knowing that they are going to be rotated in again and again into Iraq does not even begin to define what they are paying. This war is different than WW2 or Vietnam in the numbers of soldiers who are surviving serious wounds. That means large numbers are coming home wounded. According to this piece, the ratio of injured to dead in Iraq and Afganistan is 16:1, whereas in Vietnam it was 2.6:1. We know this administration has no interest in providing enough funding to actually take care of the injured that are coming home. Furthermore, many of the injured are damaged in ways that will last a lifetime and many are suffering from traumatic brain injuries from being in the vicinity of IED explosions even if they come away with no scratches. And if our soldiers are suffering just being in the neighborhood, what does that mean for the Iraqi civilians? This is an ugly, ugly war that must be stopped.

Your turn.

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