Monday :: Apr 16, 2007

Clinton And Obama's Differing Fundraising Approches

by Steve

A closer look at the first quarter fundraising reports shows that both Clinton and Giuliani rely much more on high-dollar contributors that their rivals, and both have raised a large amount from donors who have already given their limit. Clinton has a large amount in the bank as a result of transferring $10 million from her Senate account, but three quarters of her contributors have hit their limit. Obama on the other hand has raised a larger amount from small donors whom he can go back to over and over again. But despite concerns about her burn rate stemming from her Senate reelection campaign, Clinton seems to have run a leaner operation this time, even as she sees former supporters now give to Obama.

John Edwards has $10.7 million in the bank after spending $3 million so far. Of the three Democratic first-tier candidates, the only one who is raising significant amounts for the general election is Clinton.

It’s also noteworthy that Chris Dodd finished the quarter with $7.5 million on hand, more than John McCain has ($5.2 million). Bill Richardson has almost as much as McCain ($5 million on hand) with a far smaller operation.

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