Tuesday :: Apr 17, 2007

Democrats Have A Good Hand To Play On Iraq

by Steve

As they get ready for their face-off at the White House tomorrow on Iraq, George Bush’s approval rating in the latest ABC News/Washington Post poll is 35%, with 70% now disapproving of his performance on Iraq.

Nancy Pelosi’s approval rating is 53%, and Harry Reid’s is 46%.

By the way, the public gives the Democrats in Congress an approval/disapproval rating of 54%/44%. For the GOP, it is a catastrophic 39%/59%, and they are the ones still supporting Bush on Iraq. And the poll show that Democrats are more trusted than Bush to deal with Iraq, by a 58%-33% margin. As for what to do, 56% prefer to withdraw our forces from Iraq even if it means that civil order is not restored. 56% “strongly oppose” the surge.

Yet even with these poll numbers, in the end I suspect that Bush will win this round, only to see it come back against him in the fall.

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