Wednesday :: Apr 18, 2007

VTech Killer Had Red Flags But Still Got Guns

by Steve

AP photo

Well, what we know about Virginia’s gun laws is that you can be a foreign national who has been admitted to a mental facility for possible stalking, parental suicide concerns, and be a school disciplinary problem, and still have no problem getting guns and clips.

The issue to me isn't about guns so much as it is about a gun lobby holding so much power over a state legislature and a governor to the extent that someone with Cho's baggage still had no problem getting access to weapons. I would like there to be a national debate on tightening gun laws to require adequate background checks and disqualifiers across the country, but the Democrats aren't in that mindset and the NRA and crazy wingers who want to repeal the Gun Free School Zones Act control the GOP. So we are left with shaming the states into justifying why dangerous people can easily access guns and ammo.

Update: ABC is reporting that Cho was actually found to be mentally ill by a court, and yet still got weapons with no problem.

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