Wednesday :: Apr 18, 2007

Pure Evil

by Steve

Reuters image of MSNBC front page

Well, it appears that Mr. Cho was an accident waiting to happen. After he killed the first two people, he went off campus to mail a package to NBC News that contained a manifesto, pictures of Cho with his guns, and a series of Quick Time videos, detailing his grievances and rantings against religion and the wealthy. NBC News just got the package today, and they are breaking the story tonight.

Here are several questions, and they are especially close to home for me:

1. Do university police departments around the country know which students on campus have concealed weapons or have recently purchased such weapons?

2. Are they notified automatically of such purchases by state or federal law enforcement?

3. Are they notified of any students found by a court of being mentally ill and a threat to themselves or to others?

And if the answer to any of these questions is no, then why not?

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