Saturday :: Apr 21, 2007

Duncan Hunter's Open Seat

by Mary

Who's running for Rep. Duncan Hunter's San Diego seat now that he's running for Congress? Duncan Duane Hunter, Hunter's 30 year-old son who is currently deploying to Iraq for his third time. So what does the patriotic son think about Iraq? He says that if he doesn't defeat the terrorists over there, IEDs will be going off over here.

"It's better to have them shooting at me there (Iraq) than shooting at people here."

... and ...

"I represent conservative values and can communicate that what we are doing in the war on terror is the right thing," he said. "I also think I can communicate that message more effectively than the administration has been doing."

As someone who fought in the first battle in Fallujah, he's ready to take the gloves off. And when he's defeated them over there, he'll be ready to take charge over here.

What can one say except at least he's not a chicken hawk?

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