Monday :: Apr 23, 2007

Beltway Media Wants To Make The Emperor Laugh

by Steve

AP photo

The lunacy from the White House Correspondents Dinner Saturday night continues. Although Bush loved Rich Little, it appears that he was the only one, as Editor and Publisher and others pointed out that Little bombed, and he knew he bombed while he was doing his tired shtick. But Bush thought Little was “perfect,” even though folks got up and walked out during Little’s performance. (At least the David Letterman “Top Ten” saved the evening – see video link in the MediaBistro piece)

As you no doubt have heard by now, Karl Rove had a confrontation with Sheryl Crow and Laurie David over global warming at the dinner. It’s bad enough that Jim Rutenberg of the NYT, who covers Rove every day, is the one who invited Rove to sit at the NYT table – it’s even worse that Bill Keller went along with it after some of the rhetoric Rove has thrown their way. But where else other than the Beltway would a major newspaper be pistol-whipped every day for six years and then invite that felon over for dinner? At least the Post’s Dana Milbank has the proper, snarky perspective on the evening.

And then the capper today was when the seriously overmatched Dana Perino told the press at the daily gaggle that Crow and David’s confrontation with Rove demonstrated disrespect for the president. I missed the part where we elected Rove to anything, but then again, Karl thinks he works for the American people. I guess the denial and delusion is contagious at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

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