Wednesday :: Apr 25, 2007

Open Thread - Who Supports the Troops?

by Mary

Paul Krugman put it very well a few days ago when he called the troops hostages to Bush and his dark fantasies. By 2005, the conventional wisdom was the troops were solidly behind Bush and the Democrats were betraying the country by asking to phase out the troops. Today, the right wing is touting all the troops who line up with Bush in his accusations that Democrats are playing games with our national security and our troops.

What is the truth? Is it only a minority of the troops who are against Bush's strategy like we hear? Well, it might be good to see who is actively expressing their support of Bush and his policies regarding Iraq. According to VoteVets one only need to look at who is writing to Michelle Malkin to see what it is that soldiers think. What he's found out is that Malkin is not getting letters from people who have served in Iraq. Wonder why that is?

Your turn.

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