Wednesday :: Apr 25, 2007

Condi Gets Her Subpoena

by Steve


She’s been stiffing Henry Waxman for years, and today it bit her in the ass.

By 21-10, the House oversight committee voted to issue a subpoena to Rice to compel her story on the Bush administration's claim, now discredited, that Iraq was seeking uranium from Africa.

Condi has virtually ignored Waxman's requests for years.

“For four years, I have been trying to get information from Condoleezza Rice on a variety of issues, including the reference to uranium and Niger in the president’s 2003 State of the Union speech,” Mr. Waxman said, alluding to the assertion that preceded the American-led military campaign that toppled Saddam Hussein.
“In the last seven weeks, I have sent four letters to Secretary Rice and received three responses from her staff,” Mr. Waxman said. “My request is simple. I would like Secretary Rice to suggest a date that would be convenient for her to testify before our committee.”

And as the Senate Judiciary Committee's chair and ranking member issued a new request for Gonzales to get a better memory, there were new signs that his support is crumbling amongst the GOP.

And in case Gonzales thought the worst had passed with his punishing testimony last week before the Senate Judiciary Committee, the chairman and top Republican issued a new demand: Refresh the memory that Gonzales claimed had failed him 71 times during the seven-hour session.
"Provide the answers to the questions you could not recall last Thursday," Chairman Patrick Leahy, D-Vt., and ranking Republican Arlen Specter of Pennsylvania, wrote to Gonzales on Wednesday.
Specter's letter underscored that Congress' march against the administration isn't driven solely by Democrats. Only six members of the House Judiciary Committee voted against immunity for Goodling — all Republicans. And several Republican lawmakers have lobbed harsh criticism at Gonzales in the two days since Bush issued a fresh statement of support for him.

Why does the GOP have no leg to stand on in fighting Democratic attempts at overseeing this negligent administration? Take a look at what Bush and the GOP have done to OSHA and worker safety. People in this country are maimed and die every year as a result of these bastards.

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