Wednesday :: Apr 25, 2007

Take A Stab: Does Al Run?

by Steve

OK, here's tonight's "Let's See What You Think" post.

Fast forward to October 2007. You are Al Gore, and you have just won the Nobel Peace Prize for your work on global warming. You survey the political landscape and see that Hillary and Obama are locked in a struggle where Hillary is no longer deemed the inevitable nominee, and is no longer the front runner either. Polls show that she and Obama are neck and neck around the country, with neither of them more than 2-3 points ahead of the other. Edwards is hovering in the high teens, while no one from the second tier is breaking out. It is a three-way race amongst candidates who are having no trouble raising money, but who are all taking hits from the media and activists for a variety of reasons. The race feels stagnant waiting for the real action after the first of the year.

Quite simply, what do you do? Do you feel you can raise the necessary money, and what kind of race do you run, and with what kind of campaign strategy? And who do you think of as a possible running mate?

Take it away.

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