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Dear Dr. Dean: Why Don’t We Impeach Bush?

by paradox

04/29/07 0620.19 pst
San Jose, California

Dear Dr. Dean,

I am writing to you about three extraordinary historical occurrences happening to our country in real time as we watch, and although I am sure you are very busy I plead with you in all humility and earnestness to take my eventual request seriously and craft a reply as soon as you are able. I rarely write to government or party official with your status, I don’t think little people such as myself are taken seriously by the Democratic Party or the United States, but for once I’m desperate enough for an answer to try.

The first occurrence is that fate has given our tiny time with the planet and our precious country the worst president of all time. I’m sure at this point a cursory listing of the heinously foul deeds this Texan has inflicted upon our country—war for lies, NSA & FBI spying, letting Osama escape, Afghanistan failure, war crimes of torture, civilian slaughter and incredible corruption—irrevocably cement this felon as the most evil incoherent freedom-stealing thug our populace will ever have to endure.

The second amazing facet to this situation is that this lying killing criminal President won’t be impeached. It’s not as if his gross malfeasance is merely fiduciary or the harm an abstract violation of principle, for hundreds of thousands have lost their lives from this felon’s foul deeds, and many more souls will be lost this very day. Yet even the loss of precious life among all the other chaos of incompetence from Bush does not warrant serious impeachment proceedings from Democratic Party leadership.

The last dazzling element of incredulity to this odious felonious swamp is that the Democratic Party leadership isn’t going to explain to the base, the populace and the rest of the world why the worst of all time won’t be heaved. It simply defies belief impeachment does not begin immediately—if not now, in this time and place, then when? Why have a country and a constitution if it won’t be defended and upheld under the most gravest of threats?

That’s why I’m writing to you: I want a cogent, codified explanation from your office why our Party leadership won’t impeach Bush. I and the rest of the base have put up with unbelievable humiliating Democratic incompetence and failure from y’all 2000—2006, we’ve written, marched, signed petitions, contributed what we could, worked on campaigns, voted and even signed up for those insidiously pernicious Democracy Bonds, yet when the Party won’t get serious about impeaching the worst of all time it’s actually expected that we’re going to get stiffed with silence? That there won’t be any explanation at all for why the Party does nothing about impeachment?

That’s outrageous and untenable, sir. If the party base and the rest of the world have put up with you this long they’ll accept no impeachment, but no one with any integrity will acquiesce to this humiliating and painful scorn of silence, of such a momentous decision not to impeach so insidiously made behind closed doors by unaccountable unknown powers. I’ll certainly never forget it, and naturally if allowed to continue will negatively impact my party and political behavior for the rest of my life.

I want to emphasize something of my request here in the strongest possible terms: if you don’t know, say so. It’s actually the answer I’m expecting, but naturally I’m positive a man of your intellectual stature and accomplishments will mitigate your answer of base ignorance with edification of several contributing factors, such as:

Payback. Are we not impeaching the insulting, nuclear-obnoxious felon because after the Clinton impeachment it would seem to be stooping to the Republican level of immaturity and petulance?

Tactical impossibility. We don’t make this Texas twerp walk the plank because we don’t have 66 votes in the Senate to convict and tactical failure isn’t acceptable?

Lack of character. Democratic Party leadership doesn’t possess the bravery to prosecute and intellect to properly perceive the threat of Bush?

Dr. Dean, I’ve been aware of you since almost the time you decided to run for president, have contributed and written for you, defended you, bought that dern Democracy Bond right away, and stuck by you in some truly terrible times. Because I know in my heart that you’re different: you are brave. You do not lie. You understand the burdens of the little people who make up the heart and soul of this country and are committed to help solving their problems with truth, dedication, and adherence to principle.

Please talk to us. Why aren’t we impeaching Bush? It’s cool if you don’t know, sir, but it’s just impossible for this incredible situation of total silence on such a pressing issue to continue. I’m never giving up on my country, sir, but I hadn’t planned on carrying my duty forward with the knowledge that Howard Dean wouldn’t talk to me and the rest of party when we desperately needed to know we were to be taken seriously on this grave issue.

That’s not the Dr. Dean I know at all, sir, and I trust my faith in you and the urgency of our times and my request compels an answer from you. I hope I have not been too impertinent with my request, and of course I don’t expect an immediate reply. But I’ll be waiting for one, oh yes, just as I wait for the day when little people Americans are put first in this great land and their voices always heard.

We’re both committed to that goal and as always, sir, I am immensely grateful to your service and your attention to this matter.

The Left Coaster

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