Monday :: Apr 30, 2007

Bush Wants An Auto Pilot War

by Steve

AP photo of a pro-Sadr rally in Baghdad today

Let's just stipulate up front that Bush has no intention of ending this war at all until he leaves office and can dump this off onto his successor. He can get away with this for now, because his political base keeps GOP representatives from straying towards the Democrats. Even as he signals that he will not accept any constraints on his ability to continue the war, there are no signs that things are getting any better.

Monthly fatalities among American forces have passed 100 over the weekend, making April the deadliest month of the year for our forces.

So how well is the Maliki government doing in cleaning up its own military and police forces? Apparently, if you go after the Shiites too much, you are shown the door. On top of this, Maliki is covering up massive government corruption himself.

Bush not only refuses to accept any limits on his deployment of troops, he will also oppose any attempt to place benchmarks upon the Iraqis as well. Then again, we are in no position to criticize the Iraqis about anything, since we can’t seem to build anything in Iraq that doesn’t break or fall down later. Worse yet, we aren’t hitting our rebuilding goals either.

So amidst this failure and incompetence, what is the way forward for this administration? To the president, it is to keep letting him do as he wishes, while his former National Security Advisor was inept to the point of buffoonery, and his current one now wants to delegate his inadequacies to a war czar.

And how’s that Bush war on terror going? Great, if you are a terrorist.

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