Monday :: Apr 30, 2007

Who Else Will "Pamela Martin" Take Down?

by Steve

I think the story about the escort service madam and her list of clients is likely to cause many problems inside the Beltway this week. After State Department official Randall Tobias resigned late last week after it was revealed that he used the Pamela Martin and Associates firm repeatedly for “massages” with Central American girls, Deborah Jeanne Palfrey is set to tell ABC News this week more about her client list. She wants to know why the Gonzales Justice Department is going after her but not her clients. A look at who those clients may be provides the answer to that question.

Tobias is the second prominent man to be identified as a customer of the Palfrey's "sexual fantasy service." Two weeks ago, Palfrey alleged that military strategist Harlan K. Ullman, creator of the "shock and awe" combat theory and now a scholar with the Center for Strategic and International Studies, was also a customer. Ullman has said that the claim was "beneath the dignity of comment."
Also on Palfrey's list of customers who could be potential witnesses are a Bush administration economist, the head of a conservative think tank, a prominent CEO, several lobbyists and a handful of military officials.

Note that ABC News has her phone records going back four years, during the Bush Administration.

Attorneys for at least five other clients have contacted her counsel to find out if they are also on her list.

Tobias for his part was the typical hypocritical Bush Administration official: do as I say, not as I do.

On Friday, Randall L. Tobias resigned as deputy secretary of state one day after confirming to Brian Ross of ABC that he had patronized the Pamela Martin firm. Speaking yesterday on "Good Morning America," Ross said Tobias told him Tobias's number was on Palfrey's phone records because he had called "to have gals come over to the condo to give me a massage." There had been "no sex," Ross quoted Tobias as saying, and that recently he has used another service, "with Central American gals," for massages.
Tobias, who is 65 and married, was director of U.S. Foreign Assistance and administrator of the U.S. Agency for International Development. He previously held a top job in the Bush administration overseeing AIDS relief, in which he promoted abstinence and a policy requiring grant recipients to swear they oppose prostitution.

Her financial record is interesting, in that she seems to have “earned” relatively little over 13 years from the business, yet still owns two homes in California, one of them in Duke Cunningham’s district. Hmmm. I wonder why the Justice Department saw a need to shut her down?

I’m sure that there will be plenty of Democrats on her lists as well, but the Bush Administration seems to want her out of business as quickly as possible, and yet they were still clumsy enough to allow her to get the records to ABC. But at least this sex story did its job: it got our attention away from the DOJ attorney sacking story.

Note that the feds first busted Palfrey just before the midterm election last year, after the Dusty Foggo/Brent Wilkes/Mitchell Wade/Cunningham story had emerged. Since then, the feds have been furiously trying to keep her from turning the phone records over to the media, in the fear that a media outlet would contact these johns to lean on them to come forward or else.

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