Monday :: Apr 30, 2007

Mid Day Update

by Steve

I’m willing to wager that Carl Bernstein’s upcoming book on Hillary will do some serious damage to her campaign.

I would also agree with Vanity Fair’s Michael Wolff that Rudy’s campaign will see a crisis or two in the coming months because of his propensity to be his own worst enemy, and the fact that Rudy is “nuts”.

My question for the afternoon: If Fred Thompson jumps into the GOP race and does so well that McCain suffers the most from it, would Straight Talk get out of the race later this year?

Corporate American is fully trying to buy the Democratic leadership and campaign committees. Note that heavily pro-GOP AT&T has all but ditched the GOP leadership, and that Morgan Stanley CEO John Mack, a former Bush Ranger, is now bankrolling Hillary. And both Hillary and Obama are now taking money from former Bush supporters.

Bob Novak says the Democrats have polling that shows they could pick up another 9-11 GOP seats in the 2008 election.

For a guy who isn’t running, Gore is still assembling a staff.

And there are indications that Bush’s hold on the GOP in the House for the Iraq policy will break over the summer, and turn into a cascade when Petraeus delivers his update in September.

Hat tips to Tagean Goddard and Raw Story

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